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Npower Nigeria: Complete Updates on New Applications, Lists, Payments etc

Npower Updates on Latest SMS sent to Applicants of 2017

Good morning, If you are a 2017 pre-selected applicant and you received a message to go for physical verification over the weekend and you were already verified in December, please IGNORE it. The message is just for those who were absent at the Physical Verification in December.

See directly from Npower official update

How to Contact Npower About Final list and New Application News

Lots of speculations on the final list of the screened 2017 pre-seletected applicants of Npower. Candidates who participated in the verification stage are worried about the rumour that the lists are out for some states. Even some newspaper had it that some states had shortlisted some applicants and deployed them accordingly. Yet, Npower support team insisted no list yet and that such news should be ignored. But what can we believe?

Another confusion ensued when some posts went viral that Npower had started new application for the 2018. This, to me, shouldn’t be taken serious in the first place. But unsuspecting job seekers may be too desperate to believe anything that shows up on Google search. Confirmatively, Npower had discarded such news.

And back to my question, “but what can we believe? You should only believe ONLY news or updates from Npower support team. This takes us to another question. “How can I have direct contact to updates from Npower support team?”

I wouldn’t have started this post if I had not received a hundred of questions like this. And below are the channels you can follow from time to time in order to avoid all rumours that may lead you to being victim of fraud.

Npower Nigeria Supports channels

Follow Npower posts on their official Facebook page

Follow Npower updates on their official Twitter handle

Call or email the Npower support centres

Phone Numbers
MTN - 09060000445, 09060000446, 09060000447, 09060000448, 09060000449, 09060000450, 09060000451, 09060000452, 09060000453, 09060000454

GLO - 09055555960, 09055555961, 09055555962, 09055555963, 09055555964, 09055555965.

ETISALAT - 09099998401, 09099998402, 09099998403



You don’t have to believe all things you see on the internet. Google is our friend and also an enemy in disguise. In case you have any information, adverts, links, whatsapp message or Facebook or blog post talking about Npower, it’ll be wise of you to ask from the official source. You can take to the three official channels given to you above.

If you have questions of contributions, you can share with me in the comment section below.


N-Bulid Training Staring March 1, 2018

Training for commences March 1st, 2018! Are you ready N-Power Build trainees?
Npower has updated that the training for the 2016 N-power N-Build category selected along with the 2017 applicants will commence as noted above.

NPOWER: Some Reasons Why Beneficiaries are not Paid

Are you still waiting for June N-power stipend, when others have got theirs?  Are you confused as to what happened that N-power is yet to pay your June stipend till date? You might have issue with your BVN linking and the post below is all you need to read.

2025 N-power Volunteers were not paid for June. This doesn’t mean the N-power did not initiate the payment. But the payment bounced back because of bank/BVN issues.

The payment of June stipend to 2025 people was not successful because of un-linked BVN.

N-power support team claimed that, they have sent SMS and emails to the existing beneficiaries affected.

Affected beneficiaries must ensure that the BVN provided on the portal is linked to the bank account provided on your portal.

Hence, all affected were advised to visit your bank to do this and send an e-mail to attaching your BVN slip once done.

There is no release as to whether these 2025 people had the BVN linking issue. Hence, if you got June stipend with your BVN not linked, you could just be luck for now.

If in case other volunteers get their payment but yours was not paid, you may be one of the 2025 volunteers in this mess.

Why some N-power Volunteers were not paid for December, January, February

Are you an existing member of N-power Nigeria? Are you still hoping to be paid stipends for some past months including December, January, February etc? Are you affected by not being paid while other intakes of your time were all through collecting their monthly stipends? The post below is right for you.

N-power has been paying volunteers taken in, for the 2016 round. Yet some are still yet to collect stipends for some months. The months mostly affected are December, January and February. If you are one of the affected members, here is why.

Even though N-power started the deployment of intakes and verification starting from December, yet not all states were covered at once. If you belong to a state where deployment and verification was done late, you wouldn’t be paid for the months before deployment and verification.

A frustrated Lagos N-power member asked N-power support team this question and the answer was obvious a Lagos Npower N-teach volunteer...Dec & Jan stipends has not been paid to us ...why is this pls ......are we different?
N-power response,
Sir, no one was verified or deployed in Lagos till February. The FG will not pay for months where work was not done. ☺
Are you in this situation? Stop dreaming N-power will pay. If you are sure N-power has started deployment and verification within the months you are expecting, you still have better hope.

If however, deployment and verification started late in your states, forget the months and enjoy the ones already collected and coming.

N-Power Instructed N-Teach to work during school holiday

Generally known fact is that, teachers should enjoy holidays. But really, teachers are like farmers – they have no holidays.

This may be reason for the latest message by N-power to all N-TEACH participants, as long holiday starts around the country.

N-Power has sent this across to all N-Teach volunteers through its official twitter page
Dear Existing N-Teach Volunteer, Schools have closed for the Holiday but you are to partake in other extra teaching activities.
This may include planning for the new session, meetings, summer classes, etc. You must make yourself useful in your community.
These, of course, are activities of schools that go behind the screen really. But getting volunteers engaged with, may not be open handed welcomed.

This was why one of the disturbed volunteers reacted so gullibly,
Npower u want us to start holiday lesson, how much is the stipend, I spent 800 naira daily..on TP..... shame on u people
This is not a good way to be grateful to your employer anyway. It is not the best way to handle these kinds of situation.

N-power has the right to send you on errands and when things get stucked for you, use wisdom.

N-Power Confirms How to Get devices to N-power Volunteers

Thousands of N-power volunteers in the first round who were earlier promised by N-power would get their schedules are now full of frustration. This is because it appears they have to wait forever the device to get them.

One of such frustrated volunteers recently took on N-power support team twitter asking,
@npower_ng When the FU^CK are we getting our device? That device is supposed to be our guide as you guys said right from the inception.
Here is a fellow who believe they ought to have got the said devices in their possession.

Meanwhile, the team equally replied to calm him,
Expletives will get them into your hands quickly.
With response from N-power, one can conclude that the team is working hard to get your device to you as soon as possible. Delay maybe due to some unforeseen logistic issues or so.

Little patience dude!

N-Teach Test postponed Again, new dates and more to know

N-Power threw in another confusion just at a time when all N-Teach applicants are set to write their online assessment test.

N-power has earlier scheduled N-Power Teach test to start by August 2 an end August 16. But to applicants’ dismay, they have just been rescheduled for August 9.

This is no good news to those who had their counterparts under the TAX, HEALTH and AGRO completed their own test already.

The reason for this postponement was not made public but we are confident that it was for the good of people.

Angry applicants are currently throwing bad words at the N-power twitter handler but in the meantime, applicants will have to wait till August 9 whether they like it or not.

We want to also implore the Npower support team to keep doing the good work and do everything to avoid this kind of occurrence by August 9.

Starting N-teaching Online test: What you must know

Are you applicant for N-power TEACH category? Do you want to know when your test will commence and when it will end? Are you panic about the number of questions and likely questions to come out? Do you want to visit the N-teach test link directly to see if you have been selected to do online test? Please read this post to the end. It is all you need to read.

I have answers to your questions
  1. Online test for N-Teach starts August 2nd and will end August 16th
  2. N-power Teach Applicants should visit N-power test link
  3. N-Power teach should expect between 10 to 15 questions for not more than 20 minutes
  4. N-teach questions will be more of English, few government related questions and one or two personal questions

As your test starts August 2nd, these are answers to your disturbing questions.

Meanwhile I have compiled some questions from previous test for you to practice with. Take a look and work on them ahead of your test.

Question 1
What grade did you have in school?
a. 1st Class / Distinction
b. 3rd Class + PGD  / Pass + PGD
c. 2nd Class and PGD / Upper Credit and PGD
d. 2nd Class Lower + Masters / Lower Credit + Masters
e. 1st Class and Masters / Distinction and Masters
f. 2nd Class + PGD / Lower Credit + PGD
g. 3rd Class + Masters  / Pass + Masters
h. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit
i. 2nd Class Lower  / Lower Credit
j. 3rd Class  / Pass
k. 1st Class and PGD / Distinction and PGD
l. 2nd Class Upper + Masters / Upper Credit + Masters

Question 2
She ________ very beautiful, because everybody said so.
a. was to be
b. must have been
c. have been
d. should be

Question 3
I wouldn't mind _____ the baby tonight.
Select one:
a. for look after
b. looking after
c. look after
d. to looking after

Question 4
Chichi ______ fly to Kano tomorrow.
Select one:
a. to going
b. is going to
c. goes to
d. go to

Question 5
I have never ______ such a boring book!
Select one:
a. readed
b. red
c. read
d. readen

Question 6
Not yet answered
I wouldn't mind ______ today.
Select one:
a. go out
b. to going out
c. going out ANSWER
d. to go out

Question 7
A leap year has _____________ .
a. 31 days in March
b. 28 days in February
c. 29 days in February
d. 30 days in May

Question 8
The closest government to the people is _______a. the Local Government
b. United Nation
c. Federal Government
d. State Government

Question 9
President Goodluck Jonathan was Governor of?
a. Delta State
b. Bayelsa State
c. Cross River State
d. Cross River State

Question 10
________________gave Nigeria her name.
Select one:
a. Flora Shaw
b. Sir Thomas Freeman
c. Sir Thomas Henshaw
d. Mary Slessor

Question 11
Fundamental human rights include the right
a. to freedom of association
b. to marry as many wives as one wishes
c. to work
d. to free education

N-Power Aims to Revive Nigerian Apprenticeship Culture – N-Build

Nigerians were well known for self-reliance and independence. This was then possible as a result of the embracement of blue collar jobs. People wanted more informal education than formal education.

However, that trend was cut short by government advocacy for going to schools and over-exposure to politics by all and sundry. They wanted us to go to school so we can end up picking a white collar job. This was more appealing and attention was diverted thereto.

With current economic and social situations in Nigeria, fewer white collar jobs available for the only influenced people. The educated now suffer while the less-educated or those who hold on to informal education are enjoying more out of lives.
Our governments in the past have failed us. It’s likely however, that the present administration wants to turn things around when they started the N-power programmes aiming at empowering and reliving the unemployed graduates. Other categories of N-power may not have the advantage aim at, with the N-Build. This is because while other categories (i.e health, teach, Agro) may wave goodbye to their monthly stipends after the two-year programme, the N-Build will be trained personnel who will be on their own running their own businesses. These people will constitute the future professional and certified carpenters, tailors, welders, iron benders, builders, mechanics etc.

With N-Power Build, we are reviving Nigeria's apprenticeship culture. We are building a skilled workforce for our communities, properly trained and certified service professionals.

With N-Build, N-power will train the selected applicants under government approved organizations who will then certify them after their trainings.
The focus industries include:
• Building Services
• Construction
• Built Environment Services
• Utilities
• Automotive
• Aluminium and Gas

N-Power Build members can aspire to a career in construction, works and housing. Possible destinations include:
• Building/Construction Project Management
• Furniture Making and Design
• Electrical Maintenance and Repairs Services
• Building and Construction services
• Plumbing
• Welding


Do you think the present administration can achieve this? Do you think this is what Nigeria needs, right now, as a nation? Write your comment below.

Is NPOWER Going to Select NYSC Corps Members

Position of N-Power on the applications by serving corps members

Many Corpers have been seriously disturbed about this. They want to know if they apply for N-power, will they be considered?

The reasons for this dilemma are
  • Corp members are already engaged by the same Federal government under NYSC as a scheme
  • Corpers are serving and they can be regarded as volunteers as well. Will they be able to serve two schemes simultaneously?
  • N-power is designed for the unemployed graduates, not for those already engaged in private and public sector
  • Won’t it be double payment if N-power and NYSC pays the same person every month?

However, some corps members applied for the N-power scheme hoping that they may still be lucky to earn double.

I have good news for these confident Corpers

First, N-power understands that once you are done with your one year youth service, majority will join the wagon of unemployed graduates. So it is a backup plan for you. In that case, if you’re taken in, into N-power as at the year of your NYSC service, the scheme can accommodate you the following year.

This could be the reason for a question during the registration. The question was “Have you completed your NYSC” and applicants can take between three options. No, Yes, Still in service

To give full confidence on this. N-power was asked a question on this:
Is there a chance for corps member to shortlisted for this year’s programme?
N-power replied,
Well, if at the point of physical verification, they have their certificates, yes they will be considered.
In the final analysis, corps members should be on the positive look for the list, when it is finally released.

In the meantime, ensure you do your test as at when schedule.

Best of luck.

Npower announced 4 States for Device Collection starting today

Good news to all Npower volunteers who had be waiting patiently for their states to receive their own devices as earlier announced by Npower. Some states are already done with collection of N-power device and among which are Lagos, Abuja, Sokoto, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Kaduna and Kano.

Meanwhile the support team had announced today that four more states are to get their devices starting from September 21. Is your state there? Are you set to collect you N-power device?

The following state will collect their Npower devices from now on:

In a related release, Npower announced that, Device Distribution has re-commenced in Rivers State today. Please follow the instructions carefully.

All beneficiaries had been warned against paying before collecting their devices. The team said, “During the course of collecting your NPower Devices, do NOT pay ANYONE one Naira for anything”

Niger, Kogi and Imo had been announced, since September 20 to be collecting their devices.

 N-Power Starts Distributing Devices to Beneficiaries?

Are you waiting for N-power device to be given to you? Are you in a state not yet covered for the distribution of those devices? Are you worried you may not get your device until you are done with your 2-years in the school? Here is the good news.

The long-awaited promised device to be given to all N-power beneficiaries finally comes to light. Npower has started distributing the devices to beneficiaries in Lagos, Abuja and few other states.

The support team had equally promised to cover the other states not yet communicated to.

One of the concerned beneficiaries had asked this on the Twitter handle for N-power Support team,
pls sir when are we receiving our device from other states apart from lagos and abuja?
And N-power replied
Dates will be communicated shortly sir. Please be patient.
This is evidence enough to show that the team are working endlessly to satisfy all the concerned. So patience is still the key.

Know About the N-power Devices

In a report by DailyPost, a brief description of the promised devices was given and a blogger recently gave full description of each of the devices.


NPOWER: Official Answers to your Questions on N-power, especially N-TEACH online Test

I had shared it earlier today that N-TEACH applicants should now proceed to their Npower test page to do their test or see when their test is scheduled to be written.

Meanwhile, that post was like throwing bomb as many questions started flowing in from the piece. That’s why I dedicate this post to answering all the questions already thrown to me and some others you may be seeking answers to.

Q. Do I have to wait for N-power invitation SMS before proceeding to test?

A. No. Don’t wait for SMS as the team may not send it to you or you may not receive it due to technical reasons. Just log in and see if you have been scheduled.

Q. I tried to log in for test. But it’s complaining “invalid log in details”. What can I do?

A. Don’t panic. This error may occur if your BVN and phone number aren’t  correspond. So, check to make sure your BVN and phone number are correct and match each other. Another reason you can receive this error is if N-power system detects that your BVN doesn’t match the information you filled during the registration. If this is the situation, I can’t help but to tell you “forget about N-power as no solution to that”. Another situation is that, it may be due to temporary system issues. Here, you will need to be logging in from time to time to see if it will enter. I have seen this situation severally and those affected were finally able to log in and do their tests. Best of luck.

Q. Have done my test. What next?

A. Nothing. Wait for others to do theirs. Test may not come to an end until end of August or some days after. After every applicant has taken test, N-power will proceed to short-listing the successful applicants. Wait for that list. Wish you luck dude.

Q. What is the link to write N-power test


Q. I had written my test but made mistake. Can I redo my test?

A. Yes, you can. N-power allows two times attempts for every test taker. If you are not satisfied in the first attempt, re-log in and do it again. But that’s the final pal.

Q. I log in and it says, “Your test will not be available until August 13. What is this?

A. N-power doesn’t want their server to be overloaded by allowing all applicants to do the test at the same time. That’s why they place you to schedule for that date. So, do your test as scheduled.

Q. If I don’t do my test as at schedule, can I do it later or it’s over?

A. You can do your test later. The thing is that, once your test is opened to be done, you can do it anytime till whole N-power test comes to an end.

Q. N-teach are now writing their test. Can N-tax, health or agro still be able to write test?

A. Yes. N-Tax, Health and Agro can still write their test. Just log in to see if your test is opened and do it. Remember that once your test is opened, you can do it anytime before the whole test comes to an end.

Q. I don't understand some parts of the questions, especially the skills and computer related under N-teach category. What can I do?

A. Seek help. You can use help of your friends and families when the test is on-going.

Submitting N-power Print-Out to Local Government of Origin

During the application for N-power, candidates were advised to print out their reference number page or keep the number for further purpose.

Meanwhile, politicians are demanding for this print-out or number, promising to help the applicants for selection and short-listing. There are local governments reported to have asked all applicants in the area to submit their print-out or reference number for processing.

One confused N-power applicant asked,
Is there a need to submit the unique number printout to the Local government for the recruitment.

And N-power has declared this as fraud and never emanate from the team.

This has been said time and time that N-power scheme is not under anybody’s influence, be it, at federal, state or local level.

Our politicians can so confusing sometimes; they want to take credit for what they didn’t do.

Hence, ignore such update or information. N-power selection process is strictly through the internet ( except the N-TAX applicants who may be called for physical interview by the Ministry of Finance.

Yet, it is as just as other categories.

Please note that your application reference number will only be used by N-power support team to trace and track your application in case there is disagreement or issues. You don’t need any politicians to take your credits without helping you.

Important Message to N-power Agro Applicants About Test

Are you an applicant of N-Agro? Did you apply under N-Agro but yet to do your test because you can't log in. Or you tried to log in, at least to know your own date, but couldn't?

This may be what happened to you. I found you something important as released by N-power support team.

REMINDER: If you applied for any of the N-Power progs. btw July 14th - 27th, then you will write your tests btw August 17th - 31st


No wonder that some applicants are complaining that they can't log log in to do their test.

What might have happened to you was, you registered later than July 13, when Npower was ealier scheduled to close before extension to July 27. Hence, you don't need to panic or worry yourself any long. Wait for your own test schedule between August 17th to 31st.

Best of luck!

Log in to N-power Test Page to Know Your Online test Date

In an attempt to relieve the overanxious applicants for N-power, the support team has made things easier again.

If you want to know the exact day for your own online test, follow the steps below.
  1. Log into your test account here or through this link
  2. Enter your BVN and phone number to log in
  3. Once your BVN matches the information supplied for your applicant, your test page will open
  4. In case, it is not your own day to do test, the dashboard will states the information as shown in the image below

Online Test Schedule for N-power Agro Applicants Between July 14th - 27th

Are you an applicant of N-Agro? Did you apply under N-Agro but yet to do your test because you can't log in. Or you tried to log in, at least to know your own date, but couldn't?

This may be what happened to you. I found you something important as released by N-power support team.
REMINDER: If you applied for any of the N-Power progs. btw July 14th - 27th, then you will write your tests btw August 17th - 31st

No wonder that some applicants are complaining that they can't log log in to do their test.

What might have happened to you was, you registered later than July 13, when Npower was ealier scheduled to close before extension to July 27. Hence, you don't need to panic or worry yourself any long. Wait for your own test schedule between August 17th to 31st.

Best of luck!


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After Npower physical verification, What Next?

This is the question several preselected applicants in the 2017 round of Npower scheme had been asking on the body’s official twitter handle. The preselected 2016 N-build applicants are equally concerned about what the next course of action is.
N-power has initially made it clear that not all the 300,000 applicants shortlisted will be eventually selected for the jobs. Some applicants will be disqualified because of certain irregularities including; over-age, lack of claimed qualifications/credentials and the likes. And the support team has promised applicants on the waiting list to be ready as replacement for such disqualified applicants.

Meanwhile, the support team has said the verified applicants to wait for the “next communication” or update from them and avoid reading from unofficial sources.
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